SKC Luxury Hotels
Since 1993 we have owned and operated various luxury corporate hotels around the United Kingdom.

Currently we own and operate luxury corporate hotels which are under the Comfort Hotel franchise, we are multiple franchisees of Choice Hotels Europe.
SKC Property
Since 1997 we have owned a portfolio of prime Central London residential properties. As property owners we have rented/developed/refurbished residential properties.

At present, we have invested in prime city centre locations in Europe and Eastern Europe which include:
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Land
SKC Finance
Since 1991 our finance company has been involved in many different investment products and also, trading in different commodities.
SKC Share Trading
We buy and sell shares in leading exchanges via a specialist broker network and funds. We specialise in emerging markets.
SKC Equity Investment
We invest our own funds in new start ups and existing companies and as such, we have share holdings in some companies in different fields.